Another important point I want you to think about is the personal empowerment of following the proper disciplines to overcome your Meta Xlim weight problem. The value in this is tremendous; because once you take control of your body you will realize how this positively affects all other areas of your life. Other people will perceive you differently and they will see your strength by what you have overcome. Succumbing to surgery is not only risky, but it is giving up control.

I counseled a gastric bypass survivor who faced many complications with her ability to properly digest foods of all types. Then, she was covered with scars from excess skin removal. In her early 30s she had to have a facelift, multiple large scar removals and liposuction. When she finally came to me, she regretted everything about her weight loss surgery and the way it ruined years of her life. She was unable to achieve a normal weight until she came to our live-in weight loss bootcamp. Here she sums it up concisely in the video she made at weight loss boot camp. There she found the real answer to true weight control. She finally got it.
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