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Amelia Racea, beam: Full twist. Front aerial, bhs, back style and design. Switch side. Switch half, very lovely. Side aerial, good. Side somie. Believe this is a real opportunity for her. Move to back tuck, wobble, extra step. Advances. Little check right before her dismount on something like a half turn pretty. 2.5 with step forth.maybe a 0.3 step. eighteen.55.

vitanoria review Vanessa Ferrari, floor: Had the misfortune to perform while Seitz was on bars. I caught the last two passes -- double tuck and double pike, both well landed. Really put everything she had into the dance.

Prior to this, standard policy of wedding dresses was to use good, new dresses, might be used formal occasions afterwards. For your nobility, they would like to choose wear costly clothes with gold thread. In that era, the entire train symbolized the volume of influence during the Royals.
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